What can a crystalframe do?

Pop up your print through 1/5 inch acrylic. Frameless with modern simplicity style. Swappable for flat artworks, such as photo print, painting, or paper of Chinese calligraphy

Why choose crystalframe?

Create your artwork and be framed in crystalframe and no need to buy another frame. It does save a lot in money of framing and solve problem of old frames storage Frameless-design makes no worries for how to match frame. Thickness of acrylic and floating out of wall styles enhance the pictures pop up vibrantly.

Why do photographers love crystalframe?

Acrylic print or face-mount acrylic photo are popular styles, which gives a modern, vibrant quality and eye-popping experience. But the same problem for most of artists and people who like to decorate their house is the extra more cost on framing and difficulty of dealing with old frameworks for space limitation.

It is ways of life.

This is a digital world, we get thousands of tons beautiful images but saved in a smaller mobile and harddisk. Crystalframe makes us easy to have more prints with large size showing up how a family growth and varies of mood decoration possibility.



35 US Dollar


1160 NT Dollar

How crystalframe works.


How do crystalframe flaten the print?

Crystalframe flattens the print by screwing up with two bolts to press holo flaps to make print flat.